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Climbing the Half Dome Cables (video)

| June 29, 2010

Half Dome Cables from James Matsubayashi on Vimeo.

If you’ve been thinking about climbing to the top of Half Dome using the cables then you NEED to watch this video by James Matsubayashi. It gives you a REALLY good idea what’s in store when you start up the cables. Don’t take my word for it. Have a look.

Photo by James Matsubayashi.

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  1. PB says:

    I climbed the Half Dome cables last year and this is the best video I’ve seen of the climb up. Great helmet cam. Awesome!

  2. Man, I can’t tell you how hard I’ve tried to find an uninterrupted video of the climb. This is fantastic. I’m planning my first climb in a few weeks and this is very informative.

  3. Green Gal says:

    Great video! Now if only every day had so few people on the cables…when there are lines, it’s scary because you’re hanging on the side of the dome waiting to move up.

  4. Tom Benson says:

    Great video! I did the hike to the top June 23, 2010 which was a great experience. However, arriving at the cables around noon was too late, as it was crowded and very, very slow going up. Glad you didn’t experience that.
    Thanks for sharing your video.

  5. Joanne Nanna says:

    Great video!! I did the climb on 6/24, just 2 days before the it was shot, and watching it brought back how every step felt. Got choked up at the end, of my climb and this video. Wish it had been so uncrowded when I climbed. Would’ve been a lot easier.