Yosemite Association Gives Web Cams New Home

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I’ve had a bunch of emails today from people expressing their disdain for the disappearance of the Yosemite Association webcams. Not sure what was up I typed in the familiar URL and got a 404: Not Found. Wondering what was up I went to Yosemite.org and lo and behold, they’ve redesigned the site!

If you haven’t had a chance head over the www.yosemite.org and check out the new Yosemite Association Web site. It’s very nice and if after looking a bit you still can’t find the webcams you can find them here, http://www.yosemite.org/129/Web-Cam-View.htm?expandable=1.

It’s not a very pretty URL so I recommend you bookmark it.

If you’re the webmaster at the Yosemite Association I recommend you take the old http://www.yosemite.org/vryos URL and point it at the new page. Judging by the amount of email I got a lot of people had it bookmarked and are pretty pissed about the move.

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  • Thanks SO MUCH for pointing us in the right direction. I have the Yosemite webcams in my custom iGoogle page and was disappointed yesterday when they disappeared. I didn’t think to check to see if the originating page had changed, and yes the webmaster should really put in a re-direct for that page. There must be thousands of people out there wondering ‘when they’ll come up again’ as we’ve all become accustomed to periodic outages. Thanks so much for your insight!!!

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  • Thanks for helping to redirect folks, Loyd. It’s been a bit of a struggle here to get this new website on its feet, and it’ll be a while before we’re completely satisfied with everything about it. I asked yesterday and today if the designer could post a redirect message or link for the webcams; we’ll see.
    BTW, I’ve very much enjoyed reading your material from time to time. Keep up the good work.
    -Pete, YA Education Director

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